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Hundert Jahre unserer Familie

lifelines/ hundred years, our family/ 1910-2010

Design + Book Cover
by Sarah Hartwig

How do you touch on the essence and turn the inside out ? How do you sense the substance and transform it into a visual quality and successful communication?

My answer is a melange of mindful listening, accompanying research and all-important: a deeply rooted knowledge by intuition.

This book Lebenslinien embraces a treasure of a family history spanning more than a few years, but precisely a whole century. Full of difficult times and certainly many golden years, the challenge here was to face the invaluable treasure and give most beautiful and adequate shape to it. The book-cover design is a compound of carefully selected black-and-white photographs of various periods of life aligning with balancing color fields. As it turned out, the earthy, glowing, warm tones and the lively composition set just the right tone. So I was delighted to note, we all made important progress towards fruition. Come closer to view the result and enjoy!

Author: Lieselotte Richter

796 pages
30 black and white images
21,0cm x 27,3cm